Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

We are the go-to software development application to create new-generation virtual and augmented reality applications set that will add value to your business through increased efficiency and precision.

KC SOFT the Augmented Reality Company - Industrial Augmented Reality
Solutions with immersive experiences - Loved by our client AR solution companies

We offer Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions as per our client ar solution companies industry requirements. Our augmented reality solution sustain strong experience in the field of AR/VR solutions which enables us to deliver a remarkable quality of graphics and content. Our AR/VR solutions consolidate cutting-edge technology and comfort of usage.

KC SOFT is leading the market in offering top-of-the-line AR/VR solutions to businesses from different industry niches, meeting all of your, specific requirements in planning the strategy. You can make your surroundings come alive with our unmatched AR and VR solutions.

We are leading the market in offering top-of-the-line AR/VR solutions to businesses from different industry niches. They meet all your specific requirements by planning a strategy. You can make your surroundings come alive with our unmatched AR and VR solutions.

How we ranked among Top AR Solution Companies?

KC SOFT, a augmented reality development company creates augmented reality industrial experiences for augmented reality companies, industrial and commercial clients. Our industrial augmented reality solutions are based on total compute solutions from arm. Per press releases, arm total compute platform provides arm flexible access to arm approved design IP for our client augmented reality company. The packages enterprise pricing can be found by contacting us. Our app development services and editor are powered by cutting-edge ar SDK. You can hire our developers to work on your AR/ VR & game development projects.

Augmented Reality - AR Solutions

The way interactions take place in the digital world is constantly evolving. Augmented reality facilitates you to deliver engaging experiences to your users on their personal devices.

Virtual Reality Solution

Convert your ideas into products and apps through VR solutions. Deliver an enhanced quality of presentation and experience with virtual reality solutions.

Mixed Reality - Total Compute Solutions

Our extensive and broad experience in the domains of AR and VR allows us to render you a mix of both. We can definitely integrate both of the technologies for you to deliver a hybrid reality experience.

Areas of Expertise
Collaborate with clients

KC SOFT is among the world's top AR and VR companies. With 7+ years of experience in developing AR & VR solutions, we are well-known for our expertise in VR technology & high-quality system integration.


For delivering the best possible solution to our clients, we initially understand the domain of their business, challenges faced by them and their goals.

Create AR/VR

Talk to KC SOFT today to understand how we can help you explore new frontiers with the latest technology in AR and VR development. From concept to creation, we has you covered - from analytics to training.

Devise and deliver an AR/ VR experience that would expand and magnify the human interaction experience across the business.


Get ready to take your business innovation to new heights with us! Our creative team will work with you every step of the way to design solutions that are tailored perfectly just for you - without any limitations!

Develop and establish communities to accord our experiences and learn from others.

Our Solutions
Retail, Tourism and Culture AR apps

We at KC SOFT design customized AR and VR solutions to fit the unique requirements of our client’s enterprise and business. This includes interactive kiosks, virtual fitting rooms, virtual conferencing applications and much more.

  • Virtual Fitting Rooms
  • In-store Navigation
  • AR Shop Consultants
  • Product Search & Customization Assistance
Gaming, Media and Entertainment Apps

With our unique solutions, we have gained immense experience to design and build some amazing gaming experiences with AR & VR technologies. Our solutions have unique importance for user-friendliness & high-quality graphics.

  • Virtual Theaters, Museums, Concerts
  • Gaming
  • VR events
  • Augmented Journalism
Real estate Marketing and Promotional Tools

We implement marketing and promotional tools such as live product demos, interactive walkthroughs and many more to enable the business to sustain an impactful marketing.

  • 3D House Tours
  • Home Design
  • Decorating Apps
  • Creating Architectural Models
Education, Training and Development Modules

In order to execute the training process in a more realistic and interactive manner for the student's and the professionals, we have mastered in utilizing AR and VR for creating simulative and interactive modules across diversified industries.

  • Virtual Onboarding
  • Immersive Learning
  • Distance Learning
  • Inclusivity
Manufacturing Visualization Solutions

Be its data analysis, training, and control of operations, visual storytelling, or presentation. We deliver an interactive and creative visualized solutions for it.

  • Design & Engineering
  • Repair & Diagnostics
  • Equipment Installation
  • Safety Training
Healthcare Social Experiences

Entertaining and rich social experiences tend to provide a winning edge to any business. We at CIS make sure we craft such social experiences through our knowledge on a variety of VR and AR devices.

  • Doctor Consultation
  • Augmented Diagnosis
  • Surgery Assistance
  • Training Simulation
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    Transportation & Logistics

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AR VR Solutions Introduction

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