Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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Software robots to automate rote tasks

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the cutting-edge and very promising offering of the robotic revolution. RPA refers to using a software robot to interact with business applications like CRM, ERP, help desk and other web applications by emulating the actions of the human user to complete specific tasks in these applications. However, RPA is more than just mimicking the way a human user interacts with these systems. It employs complex logic to manage system interactions, manage data and even handle exceptions by notifying the employee in cases where human intervention is necessary.

RPA can be used to automate the manual, repetitive tasks of business and drive greater operational efficiency. CIS offers optimized RPA solutions to streamline business transactions and bring greater agility into day to day processes. We help clients improve the productivity of their employees, reduce the operating costs and enhance revenues and profit margins. Free your employees from mundane, rule-based repetitive tasks and allow them to focus on more significant tasks with our RPA services. You can count on our expertise to help you as you incorporate digital workforce in your business.


With KC SOFT  as your partner for Robotic Process Automation, you can progress faster towards achieving higher productivity and your core business objectives. We help in seamless integration of RPA technology with your existing technologies without causing any interruption in workflows. OUR RPA solutions can be used across a variety of business processes easily. Significantly reduce the manual effort and also the risk of manual error with our highly competent, cost-effective and flexible digital workforce solutions.

  • Improve productivity for day to day business operations.
  • Enable quick attention to deviations from regular patterns.
  • Achieve great improvements in quality by mitigating the risk of human error.
  • Liberating employees to focus on greater customer satisfaction and other significant tasks.
  • Flexibility to automate tasks for given time duration requirement.
  • Freedom to scale the digital workforce up or down as per changing business needs.
  • Receive analytics data to evaluate performance regularly.

Collaborate with KC SOFT LTD to observe positive changes like to improve process efficiency, reduction in operational costs, enhanced accuracy and faster speed. KC SOFT  has the expertise, resources and capability to help you transition to a smart digital workforce. We employ state of the art robotic automation software and platforms to design a robust, scalable, flexible and intelligent digital workforce without causing any disruption to your critical work processes. Here are key benefits that KC SOFT  offers:

Economic Benefits
  • Cost Efficiency: Save significant money on labor costs by automating the tasks.
  • Greater return on investment: No excessive costs for integration or process redesign.
  • Scalable at minimal costs: Scale the software robotic workforce up at minimal prices.
  • Less rework costs: With more accuracy, you reduce the need for rework and hence related costs.
Operational Benefits
  • Operational Agility: Switch to automation for quick operational results.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Liberty to quickly increase or decrease the size of your digital workforce.
  • Minimal human error: Experience new levels of productivity with reduced instances of manual errors.
  • Improve employee efficiency: Free your employees from mundane tasks to engage in valuable customer-oriented activities.
  • Security Ensured: Secure management of your business operations.
Strategic Benefits
  • Collection of valuable data: Gathers relevant information from tasks and helps in providing quick access to important data.
  • Business intelligence and analytics: Assists in data driven business decision making with useful data from the transactions.
  • Rejuvenate your work operations: Identify and remove operational deficiencies for smoother work processing.

There are several benefits associated with using software robots for the rote tasks, that usually take up significant time of employees and incur operational costs as well. Software robots can work 24/7/365 bringing greater operational speed and faster business outcomes. It is very easy to scale the robotic workforce up and down depending on current business needs. You can always deploy additional software robots without incurring huge costs and provide training to all these robots simultaneously through the simple process of workflow creation.

With software robots taking care of the tasks, the scope of manual error is also reduced, thus improving the overall quality of the transaction flow. Moreover, these robots also provide performance data that includes information like number of transactions completed or number of deviations that were encountered by the robot. This way you can identify the problem areas and work out ways to streamline the process flow.